April 2017 Newsletter

Published: April 1, 2017 | Category: Newsletters | Tags: ,

We will not have a meeting this month. We will be meeting on May 15th at Superior Van and Mobility located at 1506 Lakeshore Court, Louisville, 40223. If you would like to see the latest and most update models of adaptive vehicles and driving innovations, then this would be a good meeting to make.

I want to take this opportunity to share with chapter members the need for more involvement from all of you. We need to hold elections and get some new blood involved with the old guard. If we are to move forward as a viable support group for the SCI population we must have some new members come forward and start helping us progress. I really feel that if we do not get an infusion of interested and motivated individuals the chapter may not survive very much longer and I would truly hate for that to happen. The chapter was so helpful to me when I got back to town after graduating from college. The resource support made me aware of so many things I had previously not know about, which benefitted me greatly.